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100% risk-free purchase - we will really give you money back, if you find a defect on a product within 20 days!

100% risk-free purchase - we will really give you money back, if you find a defect on a product within 20 days!


Picture ordering


Picture ordering process is really simple. First you have to choose an image from our gallery or add your own image through the „My Picture“ module. Then you should specify the details of the product you would like to receive. The price of the picture will depend on the parameters you enter (e.g. the size of the picture, preferred material, framing etc.). NB! You will see the price after uploading the image and after choosing the material and size!


The prices of pictures taken by our photographers are shown below the photos


The price of „pictures on aluminium plate “, „picture on glass“ and „photo wallpapers and stickers“ will be fixed on individual request sent to the e-mail address:


Order fulfilment


After order confirmation you can follow the status of your order with a special module located on the bottom left of the menu on the front page of our homepage. You can check the status of your order by entering your order number.


Your order will be taken as soon as you have paid for it. Additional information about the status of the order is available to the client at any time. Orders which are paid via Internet bank link will automatically have an “In progress” status. Module gives information whether the order is finished, waiting transportation or is already being transported.


If you have not paid for your order in 3 days after giving it in, it will be cancelled automatically.


The average fulfilment time of an order is 3-5 workdays, in exceptional cases (e.g. on holidays) the fulfilment of an order and delivery may take few days more than usual, so if possible please take this into account when giving in your order.


Orders where different postprocessing work is requested can also take a few days longer than usual. For example, we can’t begin with lamination earlier than one day after printing, also some additional time may be added with framing.    


Fulfilment time of „Picture on aluminium plate“, „picture on glass“ and „photo wallpapers and stickers“ is also longer, for additional information contact us via e-mail:

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