Step1: Choose an image from your computer

Starting is easy!

Choose a file from your computer and start uploading

For best results, the image should be in .jpg format and at least 2MB big.


Uploading process...

Of course, images take some time to upload.

As the upload process is displayed, your image is being loaded to our server. Don’t click on any other link while the image is uploading. When the upload is successful the next step appears automatically!

If the next step doesn’t appear, but instead an error message is displayed, the connection with the server was probably interrupted and the upload was cancelled. In this case, please start the process over again.

When the upload is successful the next step appears automatically!

Step 2: Set the image aspect ratio

Set the print area

Set the printable area with mouse or tick the box "Use the whole image size".

There are many different ways to set the print area...

Use the whole image size

If you select "Use the whole image size", the full-sized picture is printed out, exactly as it is in the original file.

Set the print area with mouse

You can select the preferred print area by holding down the mouse button. After choosing the initial area, you can always change it afterwards.

Enter fixed aspect ratio

When entering fixed aspect ratio, for example 16:9, press "lock the aspect ratio" and select the area on the picture. A box with pre-entered values appears. You can move the selection with mouse and change its size – while the ratio remains fixed.

If you are pleased with the format, then click "Confirm the picture" and you will be directed to the next page.

Step 3: Order confirmation

Finishing the interior design picture

The final step is to choose how you want to print your picture. How big should the print-out be, what should be the format, on which paper the picture is printed (matte or glossy) and what does the post-processing work include.
By choosing different parameters, the price changes depending on the material and the size of the picture.

Choose the size (mm)

Choose the size of the print-out. As you have chosen the aspect ratio of the picture, then entering the size of one side, the size of the other side will automatically change. The size shown in the fields is the maximum size we recommend to print the image for the final outcome to be in the best possible quality.

Vali formaat

Vali erinevate formaatide vahel, kas soovite trükkida pilti alusplaadi servani või et pilt jätkuks ka alusplaadi külgedel. Samuti on võimalik trükkida lõuendile, mis pingutatakse puidust alusraamile.

Choose a material

You can choose between matte or glossy photo papers and canvases. The papers and canvases are made only out of high quality materials to ensure the best possible quality.

Choose a frame

If you wish to frame your picture, then we offer different and stylish aluminium frames.

Choose a post-processing work

If you wish to laminate the picture (cover with protective film) you can choose between glossy and matte laminate.


The price field shows the price after each selection of material and size.

Step 4: Order placement and payment

Place your order and the picture will be brought to your home

If you have chosen and placed your order, then choose the preferred receipt method (by a courier or pick up yourself) and leave us your contact so we can reach you if we have any additional questions and to find out where should the courier bring the picture. Then confirm your order and pay for it directly via Internet bank link.

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